No Tie Laces - How They Work



For instructions on how to install your new no tie laces on your shoes, please watch the below video or follow the below detailed instructions.

How do I get them onto my shoes? Don't stress its easy!

  1. If you bought new laces, remove your old laces from one shoe (we recommend doing one shoe at a time so you can copy the lace pattern).
  2. Re-thread your new elastic laces through the lace holes using your other shoe as a reference. If you are experienced, you can try your own preferred pattern.
  3. Thread the metal lock onto your shoe lace with screw side of the lock facing the plastic part on the nearest end of the shoe lace (aglet).
  4. Repeat on the other side of the shoe lace, however make sure that the metal lock you insert will screw into the metal lock on the other lace before you tie any knots.
  5. Insert your foot and tighten your laces to your liking.
  6. Size up and tie a knot close to the screw sides of the lock.
  7. Tighten the knot so that the knot can slide into the metal lock cavity.
  8. When you are happy with where the metal lock will screw together, cut off the remaining ends of the shoe laces with sharp scissors.
  9. Screw the metal locks together.
  10. Go & enjoy your life & never waste another second tying shoe laces again!
  11. Shop our range of colours and customise the rest of your shoes - they're great for the kids, grandparents and other family members!

If you need a visual of the above instructions, please watch the above video for installation instructions. Remember to put your shoe on to size up the tightness and feel on the shoe before doing the knots up!